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What is BHRT?

UNFORTUNATELY - as we age our hormones decline . . . . or, perhaps more appropriately expressed - as our hormones decline we age. This decline occurs at different rates for different hormones for different people and is further complicated by the hormonal influences of the world we live in. Hormones largely determine who we are - male vs female, old vs young and - all too often - healthy vs unwell. 

Is BHRT Safe?

MUCH OF THE CONFUSION regarding hormone safety is due to inaccurate terminology. Bio-identical hormones are identical on a molecular basis to the hormones produced by a human body. Though these are still derived synthetically in a lab - and not naturally occurring as they are often misunderstood to be - the end result is a product that is indistinguishable from human hormones...

Studies & Links

Learn more from this collection of links to published studies and other useful information concerning hormones and your health.

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