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​Truebalance - our approach to BHRT.

All hormones operate in a lined and co-operative fashion that has been compared to the web of a spider. No change in levels of one hormone goes unnoticed by the entire system. Too often conventional medical treatments have looked at one or two hormones in isolation.  This approach often fails to optimize the function of the entire system.

Safety is a basic guiding principle to the True Balance Clinics. Replacement with the least amount of hormones to effect symptom relief minimizes the chance of untoward side effects. Hormone levels are obtained before and upon treatment to accomplish this goal.

Your BHRT consultant has done extensive training in this area. All practitioners are under the direct supervision of a gynecologist when starting. BHRT conference attendance is necessary, as is ongoing education in this rapidly evolving area.  Quality and safety of treatment are the primary principles which guide our clinical practices.

What does my first visit look like?

Booking your first visit with one of our True Balance BHRT specialists begins with registering yourself on the patient portal or contacting us by phone or email.  Through the patient portal, you may download a lab requisition or our staff can email you this if you prefer.   The blood requisition form is to be taken to the lab that will collect your complete blood panel.

Prior to your first visit we encourage all patients to fill out the hormone questionnaires that are in the "My Vitals" section of the patient portal.

When you arrive at our clinic you will review your completed questionnaire and meet with a BHRT specialist who will consult with you on your background and health and based on your blood and lab values design a customized hormone replacement regime detailed to your body’s needs. 

We then fax your prescription off to the compounding pharmacy who will then contact you when your prescription is ready. 

Please note that our clinic requires 48 hours notice for any cancellation or a $75 fee is charged.  



Will you become my new doctor now?

Although our office is happy to liaison and communicate with your local physician you will continue as a patient under their general care. True Balance specializes in BHRT which ultimately treats aging, not diseases. We supplement your physician’s care, not replace. We do, on occasion, consult with your physician when appropriate.

Where do I get my prescriptions and how will I know when they are ready?

Our clinic will fax your prescription to a compounding pharmacy and they will contact you when your prescription is ready. Once ready, you have the option for your prescription to be picked up or mailed to you.    A good compounding pharmacy is critical to the effectiveness of a BHRT program. 

Transdermal creams are individualized preparations designed to specifically match the values indicated in your blood work. Unlike conventional pharmacies, which prescribe a “one size fits all” synthetic hormone prescription, compounding pharmacies design hormone replacement therapies detailed to your body’s individualized levels.  They acquire the pure pharmaceutical-grade hormones and compound it into the form and dosage ordered by your physician as pills, capsules, liquids and creams. They are prepared specifically for you, making your treatment program customized and personalized.

Can True Balance make use of other tests or lab work that I have already had done?

Of course any lab work, bone density, mammograms, PAP smears, or other diagnostic examinations undergone in the last year will be helpful in filling out your total health picture, and may be of some value in diagnosing symptoms. We do not need the actual x-rays or ultrasounds, only the report.  True Balance still requires that you complete either a female or male Blood Panel which is more extensive than conventional blood tests. This exhaustive panel allows us to pinpoint your hormone levels and accurately prescribe your own personalized hormone replacement therapy.

Is BHRT covered by my Canadian Health Plan?

Blood panels are covered under your Canadian Health Plan.  Because BHRT is still an emerging breakthrough in conventional medicine, True Balance Longevity Institute is a private clinic whose consultation services are not yet covered by health insurance. However, most insurance providers cover all bio-identical transdermal hormone creams.  In addition, if you are diagnosed as suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, your Cortisone prescription will be covered as well as any thyroid medication.

Keep in mind that at our True Balance Clinics we are treating the aging process. Since aging is not considered a disease, insurance companies are not required to cover the cost. The insurance companies do not focus on preventive medicine at this time. Our hope is that this will change in the near future as health-promoting benefits of BHRT become more widely recognized.


What are the costs involved with BHRT?


  • Preliminary Consultation (required for all new patients): $99

  • Primary Consultation: 400.

  • Follow-up Consultations: $225 (typically twice a year).  

We value your privacy.  Our privacy policy can be read here.

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